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Philatelic Organizations


There are a number of excellent philatelic organizations that were formed to assist stamp collectors in the pursuit of their hobby. These are the ones of which we are proud to be members. There are many others.

American Philatelic Organization

Founded in 1886

Now located in Bellefonte, PA, USA

Open to all collectors and membership includes the monthly publication "American Philatelist".

Our membership # is 144718. Mention us if you decide to join.

Visit them at: click

American Topical Association

Organized in 1949, and open to all stamp collectors.

Visit them at: click

United States Stamp Society

As the name implies the emphasis is on U.S. stamps. Founded in 1930.

Visit them at: click

International Philatelic Dealers Association

Founded in 2002 to serve collectors who buy and sell through the internet.

Visit them at: click

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