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We are proud members of these three organizations


Take a look at this web site. They have a lot to offer:



Here is still another philatelic site that might be useful:


There are also some new Stamp Only Auctions sites that might be of interest:

Stamps2Go is not an auction, but a net price listings by many dealers.



I have been listing stamps on this site for a few years now. It is located in Belgium.



We just had our firm listed on this site, and have already had several hits on our web site from it. It is a directory of stamp dealers.


This is a new site that was recommended by a club that viewed our site. I appreciate their interest in adding to our list of links.













Now for something a little different. This site belongs to someone I know. So if you need pet products, keep him in mind.

Pet Center



If you would like to have your Stamp Club listed on our site, or you know of an interesting non-commercial philatelic site that would be of interest to our viewers, send us an e-mail at Jimjih@comcast.net, giving information that you would like shown.

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